Questions & Answers

Where is Bayliss Park Hall?
Bayliss Park Hall is located on the north side of Bayliss Park, 1 block south of Broadway.
What does it cost for just a wedding at Bayliss Park Hall?
Host the Wedding of your Dreams!! It is 116 yr old Victorian Mansion on the inside. If you are looking for a place for a Wedding, the main floor Victorian Mansion has a twelve foot hand carved fireplace on one end and a circular Oak Grand Stairway that the bride typically comes down on the other end. We have an ideal set for up to 120 people. Cost is $450.00, which includes up to 4 hours for getting ready, pictures, and ceremony. This price is available everyday except Saturday.


Can I get married and have my reception at the hall?
Yes! We have many couples that will use the hall for Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and Reception over a Friday and Saturday night. We have special rates for these 2 day packages. Call us right away so we can get your reservation made. A 2-day package is just $2,500.00
What does it cost to rent Bayliss Park Hall?
We have Rooms on the main floor and the ballroom on the 2nd floor. Rates depend on which rooms you need, the day of the week of the rental and the type of set up you need. Call 712-325-8388 to discuss what is best for you. We do require a $250 deposit at the time of the reservation and contract signing.
Is Bayliss Park Hall is the place for Graduation Parties?
Yes, We have a Special Graduation Party prices. Sunday through Thursday rates of $250 (Main Floor) and $450 (Ballroom) for a 3 hour party. Friday Nights are $450 (Main Floor) and $750 (Ballroom) for a (6-9pm) 3 hour party. Call 712-325-8388 to check available days/times. (These prices not available on Saturday’s) Times for Graduation Party rentals would typically be either 1:00pm to 4:00pm or 6:00pm to 9:00pm. In addition to that, you would have and additional hour prior for decorating and set up and an additional hour following for tear down at no additional charge. We can have a Graduation Party in the Ballroom at the same time as one on the main floor. Just call.
What about food and beverages?
You can bring in your own drinks, then choose an insured caterer of your choice to design a menu exclusively for you. This could save you lots! Caterer’s can be any restaurant, grocery store or insured caterer.
Can there be more than one event on a particular day?
Yes, except for Saturdays for Wedding Receptions, we do not book other events on these days! We have mutiple rooms extending over our 8,000 sq ft of area for groups from 20 to 200.
What about Holiday / Christmas parties?
During December and January Bayliss Park Hall is available for your party for groups from 20 to 200. You can bring in your own drinks and go through an insured caterer of your choice. Cost of a Holiday Party is based on day of the week. For details call 712-325-8388.
What kind of events could I have in the hall?
Let your imagination be your guide and click on Planning your Event for a list of some of the possibilities
We are looking for something different for a group for dinner, any ideas?
We have added “Themed Dinner Parties” for groups of 20 to 200. These included: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Titanic Dinners, Comedy Nights, Game Show, Rock N Roll Dance Night, Country Line Dancing, Christmas, Casino Nights and more. Costs really vary depending on size of the group and the night of the week. Sunday through Friday are the best nights for these. Saturday’s available only November through February. Give us a call 712-325-8388 and we will put together a package for you.
Can we do business meetings here?
Yes, Our banquet room can accomodate groups from 20 to 64 and set up to meet your particular needs. Our Ballroom can hold up to 200 for the larger groups.
What is happening with Bayliss Park?
The Park across the street from us has recently had a $4.8 million dollar update. We are very excited about the changes that have occured. Bayliss Park is a must see, especially after dark, and would be considered a world class facility. A great place for your wedding or wedding pictures